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Netsprint is a Polish search engine, which history begins in 2000 in Warsaw. It was then developed by the XOR and appeared originally on the site, but only a year later, the manufacturer launched a website netsprint

At the same time more than 140 local websites using this search engine were created and most of all this strengthened its market position. Netsprint with time started increasing success, including taking the first place in the ranking of PC World for the best Polish search engine, and later becoming a double winner of the contest Internet Now in the category: database, directories, search engines. The biggest company accomplishment was, however, the association with the portal Wirtualna Polska, which since then is its largest partner.

The company, which conquered Poland and Lithuania, according to reports from June 2009 also enters the Danish market. NetSprint developes there technology that will allow European publishers strengthen the position on the pay-per-click advertising market.

Despite the fact that according to the ranking of Gemius, Netsprint is located on the third position in Poland in terms of popularity among Internet users, its position in our market is very strong . It is only overtaken by two global giants - Microsoft and Google. In turn, behind Netsprint very popular Yahoo is shortlisted. These results are the evidence of how successful the search engine Netsprint is only 9 years after its launch.