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Almost every internet surfer knows Google search engine, but only few of them know its history. The founders of this popular American company are Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Their common history begins in 1995 when they met while preparing for a doctorate in computer science. At this time they had one agenda, to create the public search engine, which could help finding information in different databases. A year later, they made their dreams come true. Their new search engine was called BackRub. It was introduced into the dorm and in their homes, and everyone who had access to it was delighted with the idea. google

Google was founded on the basis of BackRub in 1998 in Larry's garage, not only thanks to two outstanding doctoral students, but also with the help of investors. Sergey and Larry had collected one million U.S. dollars for the development of a new company Google Inc., which was officially established on September 7, 1998. Its name was created by a mistake. It was supposed to be named "googol", the equivalent of one and one hundred of zeros, but Larry entered the name incorrectly while registering a domain and that is how "google" was born.

Ever since, the company has started to grow rapidly, and its founders have leading positions on the list of the richest people. In 2004, the group's value was estimated at 27 billion U.S. dollars, and now it increased to 100 billion dollars. Thus, the company is significantly ahead of the huge corporations such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola. According to Gemius, 94.20% of the Polish market is dominated by a giant belonging to Brin and Page. Statistics clearly state that Google is the most popular search engine in the world and probably that will not change any time soon.