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Bing, also called "Google killer", is the search engine launched by Microsoft Corporation on June 1, 2009. At this time it came out in the test version, but only two days later became fully functional. Bing is the successor of introduced in 1995, MSN Search, which functioned at the beginning in 10 languages. Gradually, the project turned into the new version, Windows Live Search, which in 2006 completely replaced MSN Search. bing

The first plans to launch new, as Microsoft claims, breakthrough search engine appeared in November 2008. Initially, it was supposed to be called Kumo, which was soon changed to the final version of Bing. Until 3 June 2009, Microsoft had launched a project in most regions of the world, but in many countries this search engine has fewer features than the U.S. version.

There are numerous add-ons included in the program such as the Bing Health searching health information, Bing Maps, Images, Video, Shopping and many more. Search engine was meant to be innovative. Microsoft counted on a great success, however, has it achieved it?

According to search engine domain ranking, from which Polish Internet users connect to Polish sites, prepared by Gemius, only 1.65% of Polish Internet surfers uses Bing. Better result has even and unrivaled Google. Similar results Bing obtains in search engines ranking, where the program launched by Microsoft gained 1.65%, while Google more than 97%. Does Bing have a chance to take over the market? The future will show.